Social Change and Responsible HIV/AIDS Public Policy

Social Change and Effective HIV Policy and Advocacy

With Southern REACH funding in hand, community-based organizations across the region have developed innovative, effective, and sustainable advocacy projects.

These projects help organizations develop capacity for ongoing advocacy that goes beyond the life of their grants. In this way, Southern REACH is helping facilitate future change throughout the region.



REACH funding is about building momentum. First, we trained people living with HIV to be advocates; now they are training each other. We’ve been able to leverage our work in so many different directions, and it just wouldn’t be possible without REACH.”
—Lauren Banks, AIDS Alabama




REACH grantees provide important advocacy training for people living with HIV, so they become empowered to assume leadership roles within their communities.




REACH helps community-based organizations build sustainable statewide and regional coalitions, so they can jointly advocate for policies and resource allocations that better address the needs of people living with HIV.




REACH grantees offer indispensable legal services to people living with HIV, so they know their rights and have the resources needed to secure them.




REACH grantees tackle the lack of understanding still surrounding HIV through sustained community outreach, so that transmission risks are reduced and HIV stigma is eliminated.


“To be able to create a coordinated approach among service providers and advocacy partners has been huge.”
—Linda Dixon Rigsby, Mississippi Center for Justice